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My name is Dan Schaefer, and I am running for the privilege of representing you in Missouri’s 97th House District.

I passionately advocate for women’s rights, democracy, economic prosperity, public health, and educational equity. I’ve had a career as an electrical engineer, and I’ve spent my spare time as a political podcast producer as well as a volunteer on two HOA boards. I’m somewhat obsessed with the intricacies of the human condition, and as such, I seek solutions that promise a brighter future for us all. I’m running to be your state representative because I believe Missouri deserves leaders who are committed to listening, understanding, and acting in the best interests of all its people.

Though I was born in Milwaukee, I was raised in North St. Louis County, where I graduated from McCluer Senior High School in 1977. I loved technology, and I was fascinated with radio; I was a ham radio operator, and my call sign was WB0QWP. My favorite memories of high school were being a yearbook photographer. I also loved my science and math courses. Yes, I was one of those nerds with a calculator hanging from his belt.


After high school, I attended Mizzou, earning a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. While in college, I worked as a DJ at radio station KCOU. I loved my time in college, and I never wanted it to end!

After I graduated from Mizzou, I worked in St. Louis for a few years and then took off for the beaches in Los Angeles. I thought I’d only be there a few years, but I ended up living there for nearly 30 years, during which time I helped raise a son, who now works as a video producer in the marketing department of a large corporation.

My career spanned many roles - from a circuit board designer to a marketing operations manager, from a trainer to an Adobe expert, and from a software developer to a manager - in startups and major corporations alike. This journey wasn't just about building circuit boards or writing software; it was also about connecting with people across the globe - often in person - understanding their needs, and delivering solutions that matter.

After my time in California, I returned to my home state, bringing back a lot of experience and a global perspective gained from my travels and my family life. (My wife, Ellen, is from the Netherlands.) Volunteering as an HOA board member, I led initiatives that protected our community’s financial and infrastructural health, saving millions on street repair by working with Jefferson County as they took over the maintenance of our roads.

My passion for politics is not just professional; it’s personal. As a podcaster, I’ve engaged with over 200 politicians, activists, authors, and even those the system has cast aside, all to shine a light on the stories that shape our nation. Through my podcasts, I’ve explored the depths of our society’s challenges and triumphs, always seeking to elevate the conversation and advocate for solutions that heal and unify.

Let’s face it: Missouri is at a crossroads. Our state faces threats to women’s rights, democratic principles, and the very fabric of our society. The Republican legislature’s actions - from undermining unions to restricting reproductive rights and silencing the voices of its citizens - demand a response. I have no choice - I feel I must stand up. But this is not a journey I can take alone. Democracy is not a spectator sport. I need help from everyone. It’s not just about casting votes; it’s about each citizen taking responsibility for our community. This is true, whether or not you vote for me. But if you do vote for me, understand that I am ready to listen and to serve.

This campaign is more than just a bid for office; it’s a movement towards a fairer, more equitable Missouri. Together, we can face the challenges of our time with courage and compassion. I invite you to join me in this journey, to stand up for our rights, our health, our prosperity, and our future.

Let’s make a better Missouri, together!

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